Monday, 5 September 2011

Day 2: "Je suis...ehhhh....Giulia!"

Bonsoir à tous !

Hello dears,
day 2 in captivity nah just kidding it's amazing here ! Today was pretty eventful, first thing I had to do was to go to my french school and sign up and all that before 12 ! Which was kind of a challenge, knowing myself, I easily get lost and get to a point thinking "Oh it's too late anyway I'm just gonna wander" anyway after an hour walking through the immense Jardin de Luxembourg I finally got there and the stress begun, no one dared to speak english so yea awkward situations came up.

When I got to the school they made me take a test and yea even asking for the test was a struggle but as I said people do understand me but it's grammatically awful !! Anyway I was sent to this room by myself and yea sat there for what felt like 10 hours doing that ridiculous test, looking at it I thought this was gonna be easy, I mean the same exact test in english and every idiot could have done that, but nope anyway I left a lot blank cause I'd rather write nothing instead of writing sth completely stupid. When I was done I brought it back and the most hilarious moment of my life started: Me, actually trying to speak french ! To a french person who was giving me NO MERCY at all !!! Well it went how it went and in a few days I know when and where I'm going to school :)

After this lovely event I went to find the FNAC in which to buy my camera and all that jazz, the camera is 100 euro more expensive than planned but yea I'll think about it ! The camcorder is NOT there -___-° but I got a book... I never go to a bookstore without buying a book. I got Uglies by Scott Westerfeld, in french, so I'm gonna do some hard work to go through 432 pages !

I got back home and immediately out me and HM went to get me a french sim card and the youngest got a phone :) we spent some really nice time chatting she sounds a bit strict sometimes but she's really fun and easygoing ! After we went food shopping and I finally got oats for porridge :D Quaker oats and I can get them right round the corner, basically I'm set for life !

Then random afternoon I taught the girls how to use her phone.. we have the same :D and I watched the older one and her friend play. Another friend came over then and we went to the park to play ping-pong I was in a team with the younger one and we gave up after the wind kept blowing our ball away we started to play catch which was pretty fun ! But then it got cold and we went back inside where the girls asked their friend if he liked "Friends" and they kinda forced him to watch but it was great... btw... JOEY'S VOICE SUCKS IN FRENCH! Then we had dinner, where I discovered the amazingness of creamy goat's cheese, believe me I could have eaten the whole packet !! One day I'm gonna buy tons of it and get fat while eating all of it xD

Et voilà this is it ! Today was a good day and tomorrow I'm free all day and I'm meeting a friend and in the evening I got a babysitting session which is no big deal :)

Bonne Nuit

Julie x


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