Saturday, 24 September 2011

Day 20: "Mademoiselle ? Êtes-vous triste ?"

Hello My Lovelies,

I know I'm not posting as much as I promised but my days are not that exciting so far, I could sum up the whole last week in this post. 

Workwise we started speaking way more italian and less english... basically no english, there's hardly any conversation and I have a feeling the girls are kinda avoiding me otherwise they feel they HAVE TO speak italian which is not it...I told them the rules that they can talk to me in english to ask me important things and to ask me how to say things in italian... but I've been given the silent treatment the last days, which is making my possible moving out, not too bad anymore. I started to look for other nanny/aupair jobs and I sent my CV to Disneyland (you never know) and now I'm hoping... of course I hope I can stay here but lately the air hasn't been to nice the mood was always groggy and yea my mood changes pretty quickly if you're sad I'm sad if you're mad I'm mad and so on... so they're all down and I'm feeling down too... thank god there's Edie ! We're both ranting about our jobs...both kinda stuck... 
Always better to have a backup plan than to be there one day with your suitcases sitting on the street.
The title of today's post comes from a man who saw me walking home on a pretty crap day and asked me that... it made an impact, basically my mood was on my face now...good to know.

I mostly went out with Edie, so far my only friend here, I didn't try too hard to get in touch with any of the girls yet so it's definitely my fault too, and we visited several places, we went to Versailles (randomly so no pics sadly) then we went to Montmartre yesterday but my leg is still a pain in the...leg ! So we didn't see much, beware of that area it's pretty... interesting, if you've seen the movie about "Amelie Poulain" it has a bunch of differnt titles you should know what I mean only by reading "Amelie", anyway that area is the one from the movie and it looks pretty different, I've seen the café where she works and the area is so strange...who'd have known that the café is on a hill ? I didn't go inside it was pretty crowded and my "dreams" were already shattered as I saw the area xD so I'd rather keep the rest in it's perfect version as it is in the movie. 
We often went to the Tuileries which is a pretty nice park, got cookies at "La Cure Gourmand" which is rather cheap even though it's famous, they do amazing cookies and the whole shop is just adorable... uhm I should definitely take more pics... anyway we went to LaDuree which is famous for its macaroons and I bought a "boîte" of 6 macaroons for 15€ but I believe it would have been cheaper without the "gift wrapping" but it just looked nicer and I can use the box for... Idk girls always can use boxes !

On wednesday I decided to do this thing called "Mercredisney" yea original name, if you're a frequent disneyland visitor you know where I got that from ;) Anyway since I'm usually free on wednesday I decided I'll always go to Disneyland, alone or not... usually no one's free on that day. So last wednesday I first wanted to go shopping cause I definitely need some new clothes and then afterwards I wanted to go to Disneyland but HM called and I had to go home earlier... sadly.. I didn't quite enjoy the day the way I wanted but well... in the evening I went out for dinner with Edie which was not too good. As soon as I got my annual pass I'll definitely go to disneyland once a week even to only walk in the Main Street, I'm happy with little things... 

That's it for now, tomorrow me and Edie will be hitting the shopping mall in the Val d'Europe, also known as my second fave place on earth (that mall looks beautiful).

I uploaded a video on my channel if you'd like to hear me blabber about most of the things and a bit more of what I wrote in here, check it out :)

See you all soon.
Julie x


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